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9 Ways to Hang Flower Pots on a Fence

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One way to add some life to your fence is to hang your flower pots on it. The challenging part is deciding exactly how to hang the flower pots on the fence.

Most flower pots do not have hangers attached, so how exactly do you get them to hang on a fence? Luckily, with the proper preparation and products, you can easily hang flower pots on your fence.

The following are nine ways to hang flower pots on a fence. We’ll also cover why you should hang flower pots on a fence and tips on how to hang them.

Plants in colorful flowerpots hanging in a wooden picket fence

Why Should You Hang Flower Pots on a Fence?

Hanging flowerpots on a fence gets your flower pots off the ground and out of the way.

Once they are on the fence, there will be no need for shelves or tables to set your flowerpots on.

This will clear up your patio or backyard for other decorations or furniture. Beyond that, the flowers you plant in your hanging pots will add color and life to your fence.

9 Ways to Hang Flowerpots on a Fence

Use Flowerpots with Built-in Hanger Hooks

Using flowerpots with built-in hanger hooks is ideal for chain link fences. They also work great for other fences that already have holes in them for the hangers to hang from.

These are simple, round flowerpots with a hook attached to them so they hang easily on a fence.

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Metal flowerpots with hooks work best because they do not weather as quickly in the sun as plastic ones do.

Use Flowerpot Latch Hangers

Another way to hang flowerpots on a fence is to use flowerpot latch hangers. You can easily install flowerpot latch hangers on wooden fences with a screwdriver or drill.

These unique hangers allow you to use small regular flowerpots that do not have built-in hooks or hangers. This way, you can showcase some of your favorite decorative or weathered pots and their colorful contents.

The latch includes a top clip that clamps onto the lip or top of the flowerpot. A flat bottom piece holds the pot in place and puts enough pressure on it that it cannot easily fall.

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Use S-Hook Flowerpots

One easy way to hang flowerpots on a wooden fence is to use flowerpots made to use with S-hooks.

These flowerpots are already made with holes in the rims so that you can easily hang them on a fence with S-hooks.

Usually, the two S-hooks are attached to a chain or rope, allowing you to hang the flowerpot on the fence. All you need is a nail or hook on the fence to hang it from.

Usually, these flowerpots have a flat back, making them sit flush against the fence.

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Install Flowerpot Holders with Built-in Hooks

If you want to hang flowerpots on your fence but do not want to invest in new flowerpots, use a hanging flowerpot holder instead.

The flowerpot holder has an open middle section for the flowerpot and a hook on the back to hang it with.

You simply put your existing flowerpot in the basket holder and use the hook to hang them on the fence.

Iron or metal hanging flowerpot holders are the best options as they do not break easily or wear as quickly in the weather.

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Use an Iron Hanging Planter Shelf

Another option to hang flowerpots on a fence is to use an iron hanging planter shelf. Choose a shelf with two or three hanging hooks that will allow you to hang it on the top of a fence.

This type of shelf will hold multiple flowerpots, especially if they are small.

You can use larger hanging shelves instead; it just depends on the size of the flowerpots that you want to hang.

These shelves hang best on the top of wooden fences, but they should work also on chain-link fences. The hooks on the back of the shelves make hanging them on fences easy without needing screws or nails.

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Install Flowerpot Clips

Flowerpot clips are great options for hanging standard-size terra cotta flowerpots on a fence. You simply screw the clips onto the fence, then clip in the flowerpots.

The clips hold the flowerpots onto the fence without issue. The ease of the installation makes it simple to hang your flowerpots in a row or in the pattern you prefer.

The clips are so small that you barely even see it once the flowerpot is attached. These are great options to put your flowerpots and the plants inside them on full display.

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Use a Flat-Backed Rectangle Hanging Flowerpot

Flat-backed hanging flowerpots sit flush against the fence when you hang them. This makes them easier to hang, and they sit more vertically than a round flowerpot hanging on a fence.

These flowerpots hang best on wooden fences with squared sides so that they sit flush against the boards. The hooks make the whole hanging process much more straightforward than hanging with nails or screws.

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Use an Outdoor Hanging Flowerpot with Chain

Another option is to use outdoor hanging flowerpots with chains. You can hang them quickly on wooden fences with screw-in hooks.

All you need is a fence railing or a hook installed on the fence to hang these flowerpots from. These hanging flowerpots add a stylish flair to any fence you hang them on. 

Use Flowerpot Rings

It may seem simple, but one option is to hang flowerpots on a fence by using ring flowerpot holders. Round flowerpots will sit perfectly in the ring, down far enough to keep them in place.

All you must do is pick the right spot, screw on the ring holder, then set the flowerpot in the ring. It is a simple concept, yet it looks great on any fence.

Since you must install them each with screws, you can hang these ring flowerpot holders in a row or other pattern.

Just make sure the flowerpots you plan to use fit the size rings that you end up getting.

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5 Tips for Hanging Flowerpots on a Fence

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools for the Job

If you have screws or nails that need to be installed, make sure you have a hammer, screwdriver, or drill.

Plan Your Design Before You Start Hanging the Plants

Flowers potted in teapots on a fence

Do not just start hanging flowerpots on the fence without a plan. If you are attaching hangers or hooks to the fence, you will want to hang them evenly and in a pattern.

Stick With a Cohesive Aesthetic

Pay attention to the colors of the flowers or plants as well as the colors of the flowerpots. If you do not, you may not like how it looks when you are done.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask For Help

If you have trouble deciding how to arrange your flowerpots on a fence, you may want to ask someone to help you. Sometimes a second set of eyes really does the trick.

Make Sure You Hang the Plants in the Right Location for the Plant

Beautiful spring flowers on hanging on fence with sunlight

Do not just hang the flowerpots to look pretty; make sure you are taking the needs of the plant into account. If the plant needs full or partial sunlight, make sure you consider that when you decide where to hang it.

Final Thoughts

Hanging flowerpots on your fence is a great way to get your flowerpots off the ground. You can easily hang flowerpots on a fence by either buying flowerpots with built-in hangers or buying the right kind of hangers to hold your flowerpots.

Either way, once you get your gorgeous flowers on your fence, you will wonder why you never thought of this before.

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