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77 Beautiful Forest Fairy Names

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Forest fairies are some of the most beautiful fairies that you can find in mythology. They grace themselves in the beauty of nature and their colors are truly radiating.

If you’d love charming name ideas for a fictional character, pet, or anything at all, getting inspiration from forest fairies is an awesome idea. Check out these seventy-seven beautiful forest fairy names.

Fairies in Mythology

real fairy magic goddess nature transparent wings costume fly dense forest log leaves

In ancient European folklore, fairies are magical creatures. Though fairies have a very positive and attractive image today, they were seen or imagined as troublemakers in the past.

Some people blamed fairies for the destruction of their property as well as ill-health. Thankfully, these creatures are now generally seen for what they are—beautiful.

Fairies can come in any shape and size, but people usually imagine and describe them as tiny, human-like magical creatures.

The Link Between Seasons and Fairies

If you watch movies about fairies, you’d see some fairies helping in the transitioning of seasons.

Some fairies, especially forest fairies, help in the preparation of spring.

These fairies plant new seeds, wake the hibernating animals, and sweep off the excess ice. When they are successful (and they always are), the spring months will come.

Likewise, other fairies have their parts to play in the coming of the remaining seasons.

Art photo of a fairy fairy in a pink dress in the forest with fireflies

77 Name Ideas for a Forest Fairy

  1. Aria Fernleaf
  2. Luna Moonglow
  3. Willow Whisperwind
  4. Ivy Wildflower
  5. Aurora Sunbeam
  6. Hazel Dewdrop
  7. Elara Moonstone
  8. Dahlia Morningmist
  9. Rowan Berryblossom
  10. Amara Starlight
  11. Fern Mossbloom
  12. Celeste Stardust
  13. Briar Rosebud
  14. Calla Lilybelle
  15. Ember Emberwing
  16. Flora Firefly
  17. Gia Forestfrost
  18. Jasmine Nightshade
  19. Juniper Thornbloom
  20. Kaida Leafwhisper
  21. Lila Flowerpetal
  22. Melody Songbird
  23. Nevaeh Skysong
  24. Olive Leafsprite
  25. Phoenix Flamefeather
  26. Quinn Wildheart
  27. Raven Featherwing
  28. Saffron Sunflower
  29. Selene Moonmist
  30. Thalia Woodlandia
  31. Tia Naturenymph
  32. Una Fairydust
  33. Vega Starling
  34. Wren Featherlight
  35. Xandra Woodsprite
  36. Yara Riverstone
  37. Zara Forestglow
  38. Adara Fernmist
  39. Breezeh Flutterby
  40. Coral Seashimmer
  41. Daphne Dragonfly
  42. Eira Snowblossom
  43. Fawn Fernshade
  44. Gemma Moonblossom
  45. Harper Harpwing
  46. Isla Islandmist
  47. Jemma Gemstone
  48. Kiana Berryblaze
  49. Lirien Elvenleaf
  50. Mira Mirage
  51. Niamh Nightfall
  52. Orla Oceanbreeze
  53. Pia Pixiefern
  54. Qadira Quicksilver
  55. Rhea Rainbow
  56. Sienna Sunsprite
  57. Tahlia Treewhisperer
  58. Uma Unicornflower
  59. Vesper Violethaze
  60. Willow Windchime
  61. Xylia Xylophone
  62. Ylva Wildwillow
  63. Zephyr Zephyrus
  64. Ailani Airblossom
  65. Briony Bloomdancer
  66. Cypress Crystalglade
  67. Darcy Dewberry
  68. Eden Earthsprite
  69. Fauna Frostwing
  70. Giselle Goldensun
  71. Hyacinth Honeysuckle
  72. Indigo Irisbloom
  73. Juno Junglejewel
  74. Kaiya Kelpwhisper
  75. Lavender Leafdance
  76. Maple Mistymorn
  77. Nuala Naturelark
little fairy in pink dress, with transparent golden pink glowing wings

Types of Fairies

There are even more types of fairies, not just forest fairies. Some popular fairy types are:

  • Elves: Elves can be found in different places, especially forests. Though they come in different bodies, people imagine elves as having long ears.
  • Pixies: If you are looking for beautiful fairies with wings, pixies are the ones for you. Though they can be troublemakers, they help in household chores.
  • Asrais: These are mermaid-like fairies. They are usually found deep in the seas.
  • Mermaids: Mermaids and mermen are types of fairies known to be half-human and half-fish. They are fully aquatic.
  • Leprechauns: These fairies are commonly thought of in Ireland, as Irish people describe them as shoemakers. They usually wear green or red clothing and are known to grant your wishes when you find them. Leprechauns are known to have a penchant for mischief.

Final Thoughts

Forest fairies are some of the most lovely fairies and their names are fun to learn. Therefore, consider naming your pet with a forest fairy-inspired name. You will agree that these names are truly unique.


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