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7 Beautiful Colors of Bougainvillea

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Bougainvillea is a beautiful plant originating from South America. Its vibrant and captivating colors and striking beauty make it a favorite for many. 

Bougainvillea flowers come in a array of colors, including shades of magenta, white, orange, red, purple, yellow, and coral.

As gardening enthusiasts with a deep appreciation for vibrant blooms, we’ve curated a guide showcasing bougainvillea’s seven most breathtaking colors. 

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the captivating colors found in bougainvillea. We further delve into each color, what they offer, and some facts about the plant.

Read on to uncover the mesmerizing palette of bougainvillea and enhance your gardening experience.

Blooming bougainvillea in the courtyard, Luxury tropical garden. Multicolored flowers

7 Fascinating Colors of Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea emerges as the perfect artist, gracing our gardens with enchanting blooms. The plant comes in many colors, which makes it a popular landscape plant in our gardens.

The colorful parts exhibited by the plant are not actual petals but modified leaves or bracts. They surround the tiny tubular-shaped white or yellow real flowers.

1. Magenta

Magenta bougainvillea in Los Angeles, California.

Magenta, a color of unrivaled intensity, is a signature characteristic of bougainvillea. Its vivid and bold presence catches the eye, drawing admiration from all who behold it.

The juxtaposition of magenta against the dark green leaves creates a striking contrast, enhancing its visual impact.

Magenta bougainvillea has gained popularity and recognition because of its deep pinkish-purple color. It often adds a touch of drama and sophistication to any garden or landscape.

The magenta color carries cultural significance in various regions worldwide. Its symbolic meanings can differ across cultures.

However, many cultures associate it with passion, love, and romance. They’re suitable for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and weddings.

Bougainvillea varieties that are rich in this color include:

  • ‘Raspberry Ice’
  • ‘Torch Glow’
  • ‘Barbara Karst’

2. Deep Purple

Close-up of Bougainvillea Flower in Purple Colour

Deep purple bougainvillea has rich and royal hues. It evokes a sense of elegance and grandeur. It casts a spell of enchantment on any outdoor space, with each bloom exuding an air of mystery and allure.

This color is a centerpiece of admiration when incorporated into designs or landscapes. The varieties falling under this color include:

  • ‘Texas Daw’
  • ‘Twilight Delight’
  • ‘Jubilee’
  • ‘New River’
  • ‘Maureen Hatten’
  • ‘Sanderiana’

3. Orange

Bougainvillea Alexandra flowers

Orange bougainvillea bursts with an energetic and bold hue, commanding attention. It infuses spaces with warmth and radiance.

The vibrant orange bracts create an eye-catching spectacle, inviting you to bask in their vivacity. They weave a tapestry of warmth and invite a sense of joy into any environment.

Some of the varieties that are orange in color are:

  • ‘Sundown Orange’
  • ‘Afterglow’
  • ‘Orange King’
  • ‘Rosenka’
  • ‘Hugh Evans’
  • ‘Mrs. McClean’

4. Red

Red flowers of Bougainvillea latin name Bougainvillea buttiana known as 'Ratana Red'.

Red bougainvillea showcases passion, love, and intensity. The deep red shades awaken the senses and ignite a fiery spirit within viewers.

Their true purpose lies in their ability to evoke emotions and create a dramatic atmosphere.

Red bougainvillea captivates hearts with its unyielding beauty. Good examples are:

  • ‘Double Red’
  • ‘San Diego Red’
  • ‘Crimson Red’
  • ‘Juanita Hatten’
  • ‘Tomato Red’

5. White

Beautiful white bougainvillea flowers in sunny day.

White bougainvillea flowers signify purity and tranquility. Their elegance and pristine beauty exude a sense of serenity.

They offer a calm respite amidst a vibrant tapestry. White blooms lend a touch of sophistication and peacefulness, harmony, and balance.

In their simplicity, white bougainvillea blooms leave an indelible mark on garden aesthetics. They can even serve as a privacy screen, hindering strangers’ views.

Thus, they’re suitable for growing on walls, arbors, buildings, balconies, and fences.

Besides, the vigorous vine of white bougainvillea offers a quick cover. The plant is a profuse bloomer with an ethereal touch.

White bougainvilleas are drought resistant and hence need little water, making gardeners worldwide love them.

A few examples of white bougainvillea are:

  • ‘Miss Alice’
  • ‘Alba’
  • ‘Shubra’
  • ‘Java White’
  • ‘Key West Alba’
  • ‘Singapore White’

6. Yellow

California Gold Bougainvillea Plants

Yellow is a color that represents sunshine, happiness, and warmth. Yellow bougainvillea flowers bring a cheerful and sunny addition to any space. They radiate the enthusiastic embrace of the sun.

Yellow bougainvillea creates a bright and uplifting atmosphere.

Also, the bright bracts add a pop of color that invokes the surroundings with a sense of joy and positivity. The yellow bougainvillea varieties include:

  • ‘Golden Glow’
  • ‘California Gold’
  • ‘Lady Mary Baring’

7. Coral

Close up of coral Bougainvillea

Coral-colored bougainvillea exhibits warm and peachy tones. It creates an atmosphere bursting with vibrancy and vitality. The blooms are a testament to the untamed beauty of nature.

Coral bracts breathe life into any setting, infusing an extraordinary touch. It’s prevalent in creating a tropical paradise ambiance.

Deep, coral-red bougainvillea plants are suitable for covering walls or banks. You can grow them in containers as they require little water once set, hence excellent for hanging in cold areas.


Can Bougainvillea Change Colors?

Bougainvillea can change colors depending on the papery bracts. They hide the real small, tubular white or yellow flowers.
The color may vary due to crossbreeding between different varieties. Environmental factors like soil alkalinity, temperatures, etc., can also affect the bract color. 

What Determines Bougainvillea Color?

The bougainvillea color is determined by the bract’s pigmentation. These “false flowers” surround the slender, inconspicuous white flowers.
But many factors influence the color, such as:
pH levels.
Environmental factors.
Nutrient availability.
Genetic and cultivar.
So, the interaction between environmental and genetic factors determines the effect of the color of bougainvillea.

How Many Colors Does Bougainvillea Have?

Bougainvillea has many colors due to its broad spectrum of species or cultivars. So, establishing its exact number of colors might be challenging.
But the most famous ones are:
Deep Purple

Which Color of Bougainvillea Is the Best?

There is no best color when it comes to bougainvillea plants. Each color has its unique charm based on your preferences and aesthetic needs.
Each color of bougainvillea contributes to visual appeal.
To determine the right color for your case, consider its vibrance, softness, and contrast to make an informed choice.

Pink bougainvillea flowers, old wooden door and cute lying cat on stone wall in Cyprus

Final Thoughts: Embracing the Exquisite Beauty

Bougainvillea is not only appealing but also carries some interesting facts.

It derives its name from a renowned French explorer and botanist. It stands out because of its breathtaking bracts that conceal the real flowers.

The variety of colors bougainvillea offers makes it a landscape masterpiece for many. Each color carries its cultural significance and symbolism, meeting every need.

From bold to soft hues, and more peaceful tones, the plant spoils you with options. Your choice will depend on your preferences and aesthetic impact.

Let your garden pop with bougainvillea colors, a true definition of nature’s artistry.


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