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15 Flowers That Start With N (With Pictures)

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When considering the plants to grow in your yard, you may get stuck, as there are many beautiful plants you can grow. Why not consider growing plants based on their initials?

For example, plants or flowers that start with N are lovely and diverse, and you’ll enjoy admiring them regularly. Read this article to discover fifteen flowers that start with N.

1. New Zealand Tea Tree (Leptospermum scoparium)

New Zealand tea tree, Leptospermum scoparium blooming flowers in the garden

Are you a fan of shrubs in your yard? The New Zealand Tea tree is perfect for you.

The New Zealand Tea Tree is a shrub or tree that has pink to white flowers and tiny leaves with pointy tips.

You can grow this beautiful evergreen plant as a standalone plant in your yard or with some companion plants.

It will surely reward you with its beautiful and fragrant bloom if its growing conditions are ideal.

2. Nettle (Urtica dioica)

Blooming blind nettle (Urtica dioica) in the garden

If you are looking for a plant with multiple uses, consider growing nettles.

Nettles are perennial plants with toothed leaves and white, yellow, or green flowers. What’s special about nettles is that aside from their beauty, they are highly medicinal.

Nettle tea can cure a wide range of diseases and is excellent for your overall kidney health, so consider growing the plant for its health benefits.

Note that nettles have hairs on their leaves. They may sting you and make your skin swollen or red if you touch them.

3. Narcissus (Narcissus spp.)

beautiful white flowers of spring Narcissus in the garden

You’ll surely love this flower, as it is the epitome of beauty and even symbolizes joy and hope.

In the past, ancient Europeans believed that Narcissus flowers drooping while facing you symbolized death.

The Narcissus flower comes in a range of white and yellow. So, if you want a brightly colored yard, grow them in your yard.

They also make great cut flowers, so you can gift them to your loved ones when you have a lot of them.

4. Night-Flowering Catchfly (Silene noctiflora)

Night-flowering catchfly - Silene noctiflora

How would you like to have two different yards on the same land? It is possible when you grow night-flowering catchflies.

The night-flowering catchflies are wildflowers with green leaves and white to bright pink flowers. These plants bloom at night, and you surely would want to experience their bloom.

The flowers are heavily scented and will surely attract you and other scent lovers. They will give your yard a fresh look at night.

5. Nasturtium (Tropaeolum spp.)

Bright orange nasturtium flowers glowing in evening sunlight

Do you have any space or surface in your yard that needs filling? Grow Nasturtiums.

These beautiful crawling plants will fill your yard with multi-colored flowers, making the view lovely and cheerful.

Though different Nasturtium varieties exist, most have a crawling or rambling growth habit.

The flowers of Nasturtiums can be yellow, bright to dark orange, or red. They also have beautiful, rounded , green leaves.

6. Nettle-Leaved Vervain (Verbena urticifolia)

Verbena urticifolia, known as nettle-leaved vervain or white vervain with white flowers

Here’s a stunning wildflower that would interest you.

The light indigo flowers of nettle-leaved vervains grow on top of the stem, making them the first thing you see when you look at the plant.

These plants are highly medicinal and often used to make medicinal tea. They have anti-microbial properties and can help to reduce anxiety and convulsions.

7. Nemesia (Nemesia spp.)

tiny lavender flowers of Nemesia in the garden

You do not want to grow a yard without these beauties.

The flowers of Nemesia plants, especially when you sow different varieties in the same spot, are vibrant, as they come in different colors.

These sub-shrubs are native to southern Africa, so you can grow them in tropical or subtropical yards.

They will fill your yard with white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, and red flowers. Beautiful, right?

8. Nettle-Leaved Mullein (Verbascum chaixii)

flowering plant called Nettle-Leaved Mullein, Verbascum chaixii

Take a look at the beautiful racemes of nettle-leaved mulleins.

The racemes of nettle-leaved mulleins grow tall and are above the dark green leaves of the plants. Each flower is white to cream and has purple to indigo centers.

You can grow mulleins as standalone plants or together with others. They make beautiful border plants, as they leave no space on the ground and can prevent some pests from entering your yard.

9. Nerine (Nerine spp.)

flowering Nerine bowdenii in the garden

The nerine is one of the most beautiful flowers you can use as a cut flower.

The pink to scarlet-colored flowers of nerines will always steal the show. These plants have floppy, narrow, and strappy leaves.

The nerine plants are tropical plants that produce bulbs, so ensure you grow them in a warm garden with well-drained soil.

Also, cut their flowers early to look fresh and firm as cut flowers.

10. Night Phlox (Zaluzianskya capensis)

Here is one beautiful plant with white flowers that you can grow wherever you want. This beauty is effortless to grow and will thrive even in poor soil. It will give you white flowers with yellow centers.

The flowers of the night phlox have five petals and each petal splits into two towards the end. The white flowers grow directly above the dark green leaves.

The flowers contrast the leaves and give the plant a stunning appearance.

11. Nettle-Leaved Bellflower (Campanula trachelium)

Nettle-leaved bellflowe (Campanula trachelium) in the backyard

Do you love blue flowers? You’ll love the flowers of nettle-leaved bellflower plants. These plants grow upright and can reach heights of 24 to 40 inches.

The flowers of the nettle-leaved bellflower and leaves grow in long, thin, and hairy stalks. The purple, blue, or indigo cup-like flowers have five petals.

They usually steal the show when they bloom, as the brightly colored flowers contrast with the dark green leaves.

12. North’s False Flag (Trimezia northiana)

White colorful flower of Trimezia northiana (or Neomarica northiana, North's false flag in the garden

If you love iris flowers, you’d love the North’s false flag, as it is in the iris family. This plant has elegant flowers, and you can beautify your home with it by growing it as an indoor plant.

The flowers of the North’s false flag are brightly colored. It has long and narrow leaves that grow tall and then fall gracefully, so your home will be beautiful when you grow this plant whether it is flowering or not.

Grow this beauty in large pots so that its underground stem can easily spread.

13. New York Ironweed (Vernonia noveboracensis)

Vernonia noveboracensis also known as New York Ironweed

Are you a fan of indigenous flowers? Here’s one beauty that you can grow.

The New York ironweed grows naturally in Florida, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and southern Ontario.

The hot pink to purple flowers of the New York ironweed appears in clusters, and they bloom in the spring months.

The plant is a perennial, so you can grow and keep it in your yard for a long time.

You only need occasional maintenance for your New York ironweeds.

14. New Guinea Impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri)

Purple impatiens hawkeri, the New Guinea impatiens in bloom in plant pots in the garden center

Pink flowers are truly the best, as they bring out the beauty of every home, garden, or yard.

Consider growing New Guinea impatiens, as they are truly lovely and will give your yard a pleasant smell.

Before they bloom, the glossy leaves of New Guinea impatiens, which can be dark green with purple tones, will beautify your yard.

The bushy and tropical plants are easy to grow as long as you regularly fertilize them and ensure they are well-watered.

15. Nodding Wakerobin (Trillium flexible)

white trillium with dry soil and leaves in the background

Here’s a spring flowering plant that enthusiasts love.

Nodding wakerobins have white flowers with triangle-shaped petals. The flowers have three petals each and one leaf between every two petals.

The flowers grow directly above the broad and green leaves and give the plant a beautiful look. You can grow this delicate and elegant woodland plant to fill empty spaces in shady spots.

Final Thoughts

You’d agree that flowers that start with N are beautiful, right? These flowers are unique, as they have odd appearances and are not as common as other flowers.

If you decide to grow these beauties, consider their growth requirements.


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