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7 Fun Colors Pumpkins Can Be

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Pumpkins are a basic part of any fall decor. One thing that makes people excited about the fall season is buying pumpkins and using them in fun ways. They are also a major source of pleasure for every age group ranging from kids to older people.

They can be carved with intricate patterns or ghoulish faces to scare trick-or-treaters. Pumpkins tend to make you feel the fall vibes. You can use them to create decorations, make pies, stews, puddings, salads, and many other recipes.

You might think that pumpkins can only exist in orange colors. However, color variations in this fruit do exist. There are green, pink, blue, white, yellow, red, teal, black, and tan.

You could also paint them to get the color of your choice.

These surprising colors could take your decorations to another level! Here we have mentioned some fun colors pumpkins can be:

1. Green Pumpkins

green pumpkin vegetable growing on a pumpkin plant

It is hard to believe that green pumpkins exist, but they actually do.’ Triamble’, ‘Speckled Hound’, ‘Marina di Chioggia’, ‘Green Hubbard,’ and ‘Bonbon’ are some of the varieties of green pumpkins. The variation in their green color appeared gradually over time with plant breeding.

Green pumpkins also have varied shapes, which are oblong and elongated. ‘Jack O Lantern’ is used for Halloween, and it has an orange color, however, it is also green in color if you harvest it unripened.

● ‘Winter Sweet Squash

Winter Sweet Squash is a type of green pumpkin. It is pale-green and tastes amazing if stored for some time. It has smooth skin, and the flesh has the best edible quality.

● ‘Marina Di Chioggia

It is a medium-sized dark green pumpkin, with wrinkly skin. It also tastes amazing when cooked in olive oil.

● ‘Triamble’

These pumpkins come in a slate green color. They can be preserved for a long time, so you could use them for eating after you are done with fall decorations.

2. Red Pumpkins

a big red pumpkin close-up on a background of other pumpkins

One might think that pumpkins come only in yellow color or green (because it’s unripe), but that’s not true. Red pumpkin is also a common type of pumpkin. However, some of its varieties are not popular, for instance, ‘Rouge D’Etant’. Red pumpkins are best known for decoration purposes.

‘Cinderella’, ‘Lakota’, and ‘Autumn Gold’ are some of their popular varieties. Red pumpkin is edible with great taste. You could eat it in many forms, for instance, soup, pie, and sauce, etc

● ‘Cinderella

‘Cinderella’ pumpkin, also called Rouge Vif D’Etampes in French meaning vivid red, is a flat-top fruit. People use ‘Cinderella’ because they are so aesthetically pleasing. One may see them on Halloween with beautiful lights that add beauty to the pumpkins.

● ‘Lakota

Lakota is a beautiful type of red pumpkin with green stripes at the top. It is ideal for preservation so one could savor it even after displaying it for Halloween.

3. Yellow Pumpkins

Small fresh ripe yellow pumpkins in a wicker basket. Organic decorative dwarf pumpkins.

Yes! Pumpkins also come in yellow color. This long-lost variety of fruit has started appearing at many seed vendors. The yellow pumpkins come in a wide variety of different shades of yellow colors. The rind of the fruit could pop up in your spring decor also when put with other colors.

● ‘Sunlight

‘Sunlight’ is a type of yellow pumpkin. It has a clear yellow shade, which is best paired with darker tones. People prefer decorating this beauty when they want seasonal decor at their homes.

The fun fact about the ‘Sunlight’ pumpkin is that it was produced unintentionally when an experiment was conducted to breed a white fruit.

● ‘Mellow Yellow’ Pumpkins

Mellow Yellow’ is also a yellow pumpkin with a darker shade. Its bright color could make anything look sharp and exquisite. Do try to contrast it with a pink hue or any other color of your choice.

● ‘Seminole’ Pumpkin

These yellow-rind pumpkins come in varying shapes and could be easily grown on a trellis or other frames because they are not as big. They are famous for their heat-resistant qualities.

If you are unable to find it in shops, you could always grow them in your garden. Growing pumpkins has become quite common and the seeds are readily available.

4.  White Pumpkins

A pile of white American pumpkins.

It seems strange to hear that pumpkins can be found in white when one usually expects them to be orange in color. The first-ever white fruit was called ‘Moonshine’.

White pumpkins can be used as an alternative in place of orange pumpkins. It can also be eaten in many forms, pie, soup, and many other recipes.

‘Snowball’, ‘Cotton Candy’, and ‘Baby Boo’ are some of the different forms of white pumpkins. They take more than two months to ripen, so if you are planning to sow its seeds, plan accordingly.

● ‘Snowball

Snowball’ is one of the most exquisite forms of white pumpkins. It is pure white in color with a green stem at the top. People usually prefer this when they have to paint the pumpkin themselves.

‘Cotton Candy

As the name suggests, they do taste like candy from heaven. Their shiny bright white skin makes them stand out from the other varieties. Its white flesh is best to present as a desert.

● ‘Baby Boo

Baby Boo’ could be called the baby of pumpkins. Its size is equivalent to a tennis ball. They are so pleasing to look at. The best thing about ‘Baby Boo’ is that they are easy to grow even in small spaces.

5.  Blue Pumpkins

blue pumpkin in grass bed

These beautiful pumpkins are popular for their cooking qualities. One could employ them as the main ingredient in salads, soup, stews, curry, and many other dishes. Their seeds can be toasted as a special snack for movie night.

You would love its taste when paired with onion, garlic, meat, and many other ingredients. ‘Blue Doll’, ‘Blue Moon’, and ‘Blue Lakota’ are some of the forms of blue pumpkins.

Sometimes people use blue pumpkins to raise awareness regarding autism. If you see a door with a blue pumpkin, it may mean they have a special place for an autistic individual in their heart.

● ‘Blue Doll

The ‘Blue Doll’ is popular to prepare the yummiest pumpkin pies for any feast. They have blue skin and orange flesh.

● ‘Blue Lakota

It is a beautiful colored blue pumpkin, which resembles a pear. Its orange flesh can be eaten in raw form and also in chili.

6. Purple Pumpkins

Halloween and fall seasonal decor purple pumpkins effect background

Pumpkins are not always about Halloween or decorations. Many countries use them as a sign to raise awareness about different disorders. As blue pumpkin signifies autism, purple pumpkin may be for epilepsy.

Since the Covid-19 started, many organizations have also made it a symbol of safety against coronavirus. It stands as a plea to take safety measures against the virus.

7.  Black Pumpkins

Two black pumpkins on black background, stylish Halloween decor, top view

Black pumpkins are also a great type of pumpkin. This variety is not as common as other pumpkin breeds. It tastes a bit bland when you eat it in raw form, however, it becomes sweeter as you cook it.

Fun Things to Do with Pumpkins After They Are Used as Decorations

Decorating houses is not the only purpose to fulfill with pumpkins. A creative mind can employ them in the best way possible. Here are some tips to use this fruit innovatively:

Roast the Seeds

After you are done with fall or Halloween, instead of discarding the seeds, you could roast them and prepare a great snack for the time when you are lightly hungry.

Make Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin puree is one of the delicious food items one could prepare to use as a healthy snack for every age group. It is rich in minerals and vitamins with the perk of great flavor.

Preserve as Pickle

Pumpkin pickle is a strange concept, however, it is really a great way to avoid the fruit from wasting away.

Prepare Pumpkin Muffins

After Halloween, when kids return to school, pumpkin muffins could be their favorite thing to take for lunch. It will be a healthy snack for you and your kids. It is a great way to make your kids bring an empty lunch back home.

Healthy pumpkin muffins with fall spices and pumpkin seeds

Share with your Pets

Pumpkin could be a great treat for your pets. However, do consult the vet before adding them to your pet’s diet.

Make Pumpkin Butter

Instead of wasting all the pumpkins, make butter out of them. Yes! Pumpkin butter has an amazing flavor. After the fall ends, it could be an amazing treat at your breakfast table.

Prepare Pumpkin Pancakes

Another way to bring amusement to the breakfast table is by making pancakes using pumpkin puree. They might also increase your child’s appetite and health.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Artificial flavors can decrease the nutritional value of your morning latte. You could research how to use pumpkin puree to produce fall-themed lattes. It will taste amazing and you will be sure about the nutritional value it holds.

Bake Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Pumpkin coffee cake is a great idea for those who have their birthdays right after Halloween. You could prepare a pumpkin-themed cake with the pumpkin coffee cake recipe.

Final Thoughts

With more than 100 varieties of pumpkins available, these globular fruits have become convenient for fall decor. Different colored pumpkins are used for different purposes. People are becoming more interested in growing or buying fun-colored pumpkins, instead of painting them.

Growing colored pumpkins could also increase the aesthetic beauty of your garden. The enchantment of a combination of colors adds charm to the attraction of the decor. They could also fill you with other creative ideas for many other occasions.

Pumpkins are a basic part of any fall decor. In this article, we have mentioned some fun colors pumpkins can be.


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