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Can Plants Grow Through Pebbles

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If you have visited a pebbled garden, you must’ve thought of making one. Using pebbles in the garden beautifies your garden and stuns people who view your garden. Is it safe to use pebbles in a garden? Can plants grow through pebbles? What should you consider? Read this article

Can plants grow through pebbles?

Plants can grow through pebbles. Most gardens that use pebbles use them on just the surface of the soil, so the plant roots are not anchored in the pebbles. There are some plants, however, that can grow solely in pebbles (i.e. without garden soil).

The path in the beautiful garden

What plants can you grow solely in pebbles? What are the benefits of pebbles in a garden? How do you prepare a pebble garden? Continue reading

Using Pebbles in a Garden

If you have ever wondered how to use pebbles in a garden and the benefits of using pebbles, your curiosity will be satisfied here. Let us discuss some benefits of pebbles in the garden.

Benefits of Garden Pebbles

The list is endless.


This is the most obvious benefit of using pebbles in a garden. The variety of pebble colors and textures used in a garden is a sight to remember. Pebbles can be used to create beautiful patterns in your garden.

Inhibition of Weed Growth

Garden Decoration Pebbles

Since pebbles block sunlight from reaching the soil underneath, weed cannot grow through pebbles. To be more effective, however, you should place a weed fabric or any liner under the pebbles.

Longer Growing Season

Just like mulching, pebbles can warm up the soil quickly in early spring. Pebbles can also reduce the soil temperature in summer because they block sunlight from reaching the soil. With a quicker spring and a tolerable summer, you have a longer growing season for various plants.

Aeration of Potted Plants

This is an advantage of pebbles for potted plants. You should use pebbles for plants that need so much aeration in the roots. Pebbles allow your potted plants to enjoy a well-drained and aerated growing medium.

Do you love any of the benefits above? Let us now discuss how to use pebbles in a garden.

How to Use Pebbles in a Garden

Don’t worry, it is easy.

1. Select a Location

You should find a location that is suitable for both you and your plants. Plants require a location with good soil and at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight.

You also need a place that will be visible for people to see. Do you want to hide your pebble garden?

2. Get Your Pebbles

Snow white pebble stones inside a flower pot as a garden decoration

You can go to a shop around you to get your pebbles. You should select the best colors and textures.

How many pebbles do you need? Well, it depends on the size of your garden location. As a tip, 1 ton of pebbles can cover a 100 square feet area with a thickness or ¾ to 1 inch. (Source)

3. Clear the Area of Dirt and Weed

You do not want to use pebbles in a place full of dirt and weed. You should carefully clear out the place

4. Use a Weed Fabric (optional)

Weed fabrics and other liners are more effective against weeds growing in your garden. It is also easier to maintain your pebble garden if you used weed fabric. The choice remains yours to use weed fabrics.

5. Arrange the Pebbles

You should arrange your pebbles according to your taste. You should be artistic and make beautiful patterns and shapes with the pebbles. Make sure that there is enough space for your plants to grow.

If you like, you can use cement to bind the pebbles together. Note that cement will make it a bit difficult to water your plants. Cementing pebbles is not recommended is the land is leveled.

As you can see, it is very easy to make a pebble garden. Now let us discuss how to maintain your pebble garden.

Senior woman with gardening tool working in her backyard garden

Maintaining Your Pebble Garden

Now that you have successfully created your pebble garden, follow the tips below to maintain it:

  • Water your plants, not the pebbles
  • Pull weed immediately you see them
  • Sweep out dead leaves from the pebbles

If you allow water to stay on the pebbles for long, algae will grow on them. You should also remove dead leaves from the pebbles because when they rot, they release their nutrients to promote the growth of algae and bacteria.

Even though weed cannot grow from bellow, some weed seeds (that are air-borne) can germinate on your pebbles. You should remove weed immediately you see them.

Make sure you keep a clean and beautiful pebble garden. Now, what if you want to grow solely in pebbles? Is it possible?

Planting Solely in Pebbles

Plants collect nutrients from and anchor in the soil. Even though plants can anchor in pebbles, can they get nutrients from pebbles? It depends on the kind of plant. Some plants that can grow in pebbles are given below.

Best Plants That Grow in Pebbles

cactus on white pebbles

Here you go:

  • Cactus
  • Orchids
  • Succulents
  • Bulb plants

Plants such as cactus and some succulent plants prefer a well-aerated medium to grow. Orchids anchor on trees in their natural habitats, so they do well in pebbles.

Bulb plants such as onions and garlic can also grow in pebbles, but will not grow big like others grown in soil. You can use all these plants to decorate your home or office.

How do you care for plants that grow just in pebbles?

Tips to Plant Solely in Pebbles

I hope you find the tips below useful:

  • Mix tree bark and vermiculite with the pebbles for slow-release of nutrients and retention of water/fertilizer
  • If you are growing bulbs or plants that grow better in soil, remember to often water and fertilize the plants.

With the tips above, your potted plants will grow well.

Final Thoughts

Pebbles add beauty to your garden. They also help to inhibit the growth of weed and extend your growing season. You should use weed fabric to make your pebbles more effective. To grow solely in pebbles, research on the requirements of the plant and remember to water your plants regularly.


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