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24 Breads Without Soy

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With more and more people exploring plant-based diets these days, soy-based foods are more popular than ever. But, if you’re like me and you wish to avoid soy, sometimes it can be harder than you think.

Take bread, for example, a key staple in the American diet that provides some of the nutrients necessary to stay healthy. Gone are the days when you could simply pick up your favorite loaf and not have to worry about its ingredients.

Always double-check your bread’s label before you buy it because, unfortunately, soy is found in many breads, especially sandwich bread.

You see, soy flour makes the dough easier to work with, so big bread manufacturers use soy flour to speed up the bread-making process. 

Sliced white bread

Luckily, there are still tasty, nutritious breads available today that are completely soy-free. And to help you find your favorite, here is my list of 24 breads without soy for you to enjoy!

24 Breads Without Soy

1Rudi’s Organic Ancient Grain Spelt
2Rudi’s Organic Double Fiber
3Rudi’s Organic Seeded Multigrain
4Rudi’s Organic Rocky Mountain Sourdough
5Trader Joe’s Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread
6Trader Joe’s Vegan Brioche Loaf 
7Trader Joe’s Organic French Baguette 
8Three Bakers White Bread Whole Grain
9Three Bakers Rye Style Whole Grain
10Three Bakers Great Seed Wholegrain and 7 Seed Bread
11Ener-G Select Sourdough White Deli-Style Bread 
12Ener-G Select NW Banana Deli-Style Bread
13Ener-G Classic White Loaf 
14Katz Gluten-Free Whole Grain Bread
15Katz Gluten-Free Everything Bread
16Katz Gluten-Free Oat Bread
17Katz Gluten-Free Egg-Free Bread 
18Food For Life Gluten-Free Brown Rice Bread
19Food For Life Gluten-Free Rice Almond Bread
20Food For Life Gluten-Free Rice Millet Bread 
21Canyon Bakehouse Mountain White Bread
22Canyon Bakehouse 7-Grain Bread
23Canyon Bakehouse Hawiian Sweet Bread
24Canyon Bakehouse Ancient Grain Bread 

Rudi’s Organic Bakery Selection is Soy Free

When it comes to soy-free bread, Rudi’s selection is completely satisfying. From their mouthwatering multigrain to sensational sourdough and everything in between, Rudi’s organic range has all your soy-free needs covered.

Here’s just a small taste of what Rudi’s has to offer:

  • Rudi’s Organic Ancient Grain Spelt: is soy-free with a mildly sweet, nutty flavor, very little flour, and a combination of the world’s finest grains.
  • Rudi’s Organic Double Fiber: is soy-free and combines organic wheat bran with organic oat fiber.
  • Rudi’s Organic Seeded Multigrain: is soy-free with a soft texture and is full of flavor.
  • Rudi’s Organic Rocky Mountain Sourdough: is soy-free, rich in flavor and uses high quality organic ingredients.

Check out Rudi’s website for a complete list of organic soy-free products from which you can make your selection. Each tasty loaf has its ingredients listed along with some nutritional information and even a featured recipe. 

Trader Joe’s Has a Delicious Selection of Breads Without Soy

Sliced french baguette

These neighborhood grocery stores pride themselves on their unique products. Their exciting range of soy-free bread is certainly no exception.

While their soy-free breads have some similarities to other bigger brand names, Trader Joe’s recipe includes sorghum and potato flour to give a soft, fluffy texture.

Check out some of Trader Joe’s soy-free selection right here:

  • Trader Joe’s Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread: is more than just soy-free, it’s nut-free and gluten-free also.
  • Trader Joe’s Vegan Brioche Loaf: is a little trickier to make than your average loaf, but boy is it worth it! With its rich buttery sweetness and tender crumb texture, what more could you ask for?
  • Trader Joe’s Organic French Baguette: is soy-free and is a best seller in their artisan section.

Visit Trader Joe’s website for their full selection of breads without soy and other soy-free products. Each loaf is complete with ingredients and nutritional information.

Some Great Soy Free Bread Options From the Three Bakers

Whole grain rye bread with seeds

The Three Bakers have an outstanding line of breads that are not just soy-free but gluten-free and dairy-free also. Their award-winning breads are soy-free taste sensations, and with soy-free pizzas as a bonus. It is therefore not surprising that this family business keeps going from strength to strength.

Let’s take a look at some soy-free options the Three Bakers have to offer:

  • Three Bakers White Bread Whole Grain: could soon become the staple bread of your soy-free household. This all-natural choice is also an excellent source of fiber.
  • Three Bakers Rye Style Whole Grain: has zero soy, a great rye taste, and packed with whole grains to take care of all your fiber needs.
  • Three Bakers Great Seed Wholegrain and 7 Seed Bread: include sunflower, sesame, chia, millet, hulled hemp, flax, and pumpkin seeds. And, of course, no soy!

Check out the Three Bakers website for a lot more sensational soy-free breads, and you may pick up a couple of soy-free pizzas while you’re there! 

Ener-G Bread Is Also a Soy-Free Bread

Sourdough bread

Ener-G is a brand that covers all your dietary needs in each delicious loaf. Not only is their bread free of soy, but they also offer wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, casein-free, tree nut-free, and peanut-free products. 

Boasting superior taste over other brands, Ener-G boldly goes where other brands wouldn’t dare! 

Let’s take a closer look at some of their soy-free suggestions:

  • Ener-G Select Sourdough White Deli-Style Bread: has a more delicate sour flavor than regular wheat sourdough but tastes just as good and is totally soy-free.
  • Ener-G Select NW Banana Deli-Style Bread: tastes like delicious gluten-free white bread and has a light, sweet banana aroma. A bread without soy that is made from bananas, excellent!
  • Ener-G Classic White Loaf: is super soft and packed with flavor. This soy-free option is delicious when toasted and topped with your deli favorites. 

Check out Ener-G’s website for many more breads without soy. And while you’re there, it is worth taking a look at the reviews left by their many satisfied customers.

Katz Have Tasty Options That Are Totally Free of Soy

Inspired by her two gluten-intolerant children, Mrs. Katz created her own bread line that allows people with all kinds of food allergies to enjoy their favorite bread without any risks. The Katz soy-free options are no exception.

Let’s take a look:

Loaf of wholegrain bread and slices on wooden cutting board
  • Katz Gluten-Free Whole Grain Bread: is soy-free and packed with tasty, nutritious ingredients for all your protein and fiber needs. This bread is the perfect option if you love your whole grain toasted.
  • Katz Gluten-Free Everything Bread: It is soy-free, nut-free, and dairy-free. Your sandwiches have never been so healthy and tasted so good.
  • Katz Gluten-Free Oat Bread: is a homemade style, soy-free loaf with a fluffy texture that is sure to satisfy the whole family.
  • Katz Gluten-Free Egg-Free Bread: is a new creation from Mrs. Katz kitchen. It has the great taste of bread but without soy, egg, dairy and nuts.

Head over to the Katz website if you are fed up eating tasteless bread just because you have a food allergy. Mrs. Katz is sure to have something your taste buds will appreciate.

Food for Life Have a Tasty Selection of Breads Without Soy

Food For Life has an exceptional soy-free selection that boasts slow-baked organic ingredients, so you get maximum benefit from vitamins and minerals.

Check out Food for Life’s tasty options:

  • Food For Life Gluten-Free Brown Rice Bread: is soy-free and full of flavor. Made with no eggs or dairy, this is the ideal option for people with specific food allergies.
  • Food For Life Gluten-Free Rice Almond Bread: is soy-free, moist, full of nutty flavor, and tastes wonderful when toasted.
  • Food For Life Gluten-Free Rice Millet Bread: is another classic from the soy-free line. Unlike their brown rice bread, this millet bread is slightly coarse than most breads without compromising on taste.
Close-up of gluten free bread with almonds.

Take a look at the Food For Life website for more soy-free suggestions. They also have a selection of other products that are free of soy, like English muffins and tortillas.

Canyon Bakehouse Has Taken Soy-Free Bread to a New Level!

With more than ten years of experience, Canyon Bakehouse is still passionate about its soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free breads. Their bread is second to none in terms of taste and quality and will keep the whole family healthy and happy.

Check out what they have to offer:

  • Canyon Bakehouse Mountain White Bread: is a soy-free family favorite. Both children and adults love the soft, sweet taste sensation it produces. And with grilled cheese added, it will leave you speechless!
  • Canyon Bakehouse 7-Grain Bread: is a classic soy-free recipe baked with seven delicious, whole grains for all your family’s fiber needs.
  • Canyon Bakehouse Hawiian Sweet Bread: is a tropical treat that is soy-free and sweet. From French toast to your favorite sandwiches, this loaf is a real crowd-pleaser.
  • Canyon Bakehouse Ancient Grain Bread: is free of soy but is packed with ancient wholegrains, including sorghum, millet, amaranth, and teff.
Canyon Bakehouse gluten free bread

Check out the Canyon Bakehouse website for all your soy-free needs. Unlike many other websites, everything you see on this site is soy-free. And with recipe suggestions and much more, you will be spoiled for choice.

Why Do People Choose Soy-Free Products?

If you’re wondering whether products that contain soy are good for you or not, there are many conflicting arguments.

While soy is a source of protein and there is no proof of side effects when consumed, there is also the fear that soy is responsible for some health issues.

Whatever side of the fence you find yourself on when it comes to soy products, soy allergies are quite common, especially among children. Symptoms include itching and eczema.

If you or your child are allergic to soy, or if you simply wish to avoid soy products for your own personal reasons, the good news is that products like soy-free bread are readily available food options.

Remember to always check the label and read the ingredients to be sure your bread and other products don’t include any soy.

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for bread without soy; it can be much more difficult than you may think. Fortunately, I have compiled a list of seven bakeries that stock soy-free bread year-round, to get you started. 

If the stores on my list are unavailable in your area, check out their websites, where you can choose and order your favorite soy free breads from the comfort of your home.


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