Tips for Using Trex for Raised Garden Beds

Trex is just a brand name composite decking. It looks good and stays looking good. Because it is a composite, it won’t rot, splinter or fade like real wood does.

Before you get started with installing your raised garden bed, whether using Trex or some other material, Here are some installation  for you! 

Have a plan

Sketch out the design of your garden area. Whether you plan on having one bed or many, knowing the size and number of beds you need will help ensure your materials list is accurate.

Plan for water

We all know that water is crucial to the growing cycle. It makes sense to plan for water before you install your beds. Doing so, gives you more options than figuring out you need a watering plan as an afterthought

Establish a plan for weeds

If you are installing the garden bed on dirt, as most will, you may want to consider adding some kind of weed barrier. This simple step may help to save you time season after season by limiting the number of weeds present in your garden.

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