5 Tips for Burying a Garden Hose & Reasons Why You Might Want To

Have you ever needed to run a 50 or 100 foot hose temporarily, but wanted a way to make sure that it didn’t get run over by the car, trip a guest or get broken down by the sun.

You can bury a garden hose in almost any type of soil and there are many good reasons to do so.

If you have decided to bury your garden hose, here are some tips to keep in mind before you get your project started.

1. Avoid underground connections

This means that if you need to run the hose 40′ underground, you want to buy a single 50′ hose. Trying to connect two hoses together works fine above the ground. It’s more practical and shorter hoses are easier to manage and store when not in use.

2. Be sure you get the right length

Nothing is worse than digging a trench for your hose only to find out that your hose is too short. Take the time to measure your project and be sure and get the right size hose to match the job. When in doubt, get the next size up.

3. Quality counts

As with almost anything in life, quality counts. Hoses are no exception. When you can, going with a thicker walled hose will only be beneficial in the future. This is especially true if you plan on burying it.

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