4 Tips for Using Boiled Linseed Oil Safely on Your Raised Beds

Linseed oil in both it’s natural form (100% linseed oil) and boiled alternative, have long been used by woodworkers to add color and some degree of protection to raw wood

Linseed oil is the oil extracted from flaxseed. It is also commonly called flaxseed oil or flax oil. It is sold, commercially, in a couple of different forms.

Here are some Tips for Using Boiled Linseed Oil on Garden Beds

Start with a clean surface.

Before adding any type of finish to wood you always want to start with a clean surface. Whether you are applying linseed oil to raw wood before you assemble your garden beds for the first time, or applying it to pre-existing beds out in the garden, you’ll want to make sure your surface is clean.

Apply generously

Applying boiled linseed oil is relatively easy. For wood that has not yet been assembled into garden beds, you can simply pour the linseed oil onto the wood and then wipe it off using a shop rag or other clean cloth.

Wipe off the excess

If you are using a rag to apply the linseed oil, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with excess. If you are using the paint brush method, it’s good to follow the paintbrush with a shop rag to mop up any excess oil.

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