What to Plant in a 4×8 Raised Bed

So, you are just starting your garden and you are going for a 4×8 raised bed design. 

The raised-bed design allows you to navigate your garden easily and reach your plants without stepping on the cultivated area.

Since the space in a 4 x 8 raised bed garden is limited, there are some things to consider to ensure that you maximize the space available to you.

Figuring Out Garden Spacing

In horticulture and landscaping, liners are materials acting as a barrier in the soil. Liners can be made of plastic, fabric, cardboard, wood, etc. The intention of installing liners in gardens differ from gardener to gardener.

Calculating How Many Seeds to Plant in a Square Foot Garden

To calculate the number of seeds for each 1-square-foot section, divide the length and width of the section by the seed spacing number. The length of a 1-square-foot section is 12 inches and the width is also 12 inches.

Planting in Rows

Instead of using raised beds, you may decide to plant in rows. If you decide on this, it is understandable. Row planting allows the plants to get more sunlight and the garden is more organized.

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