9 Types of

White Pumpkin

When looking to eat a white pumpkin it is important to find trustworthy recipes to prepare your dishes.

Here is a list of white pumpkin varieties that are sure to excite you for the holidays!


The ‘Casper’ pumpkin is commonly used for decoration during the fall months. This pumpkin can also be used in the process of pumpkin pie. It grows to around 4-6 inches wide overall and is edible.

Silver Moon

This pumpkin weighs between 11 to 16 pounds and can grow up to 9 inches wide. This pumpkin is edible for consumption.

Cotton Candy

‘Cotton Candy’ pumpkin originated in Ohio. This pumpkin is a bright glossy white with sweet-flavored skin and insides. Weighing around 5-12 pounds, these pumpkins are perfect for the making of desserts.