17 Types of Green Apples and Their Uses

While green apples are not as sweet or tart as a red apple, they have their advantages. For one, they contain more vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

There are many green apple varieties in the world. Each type has various uses

Granny Smith Granny Smith apples are the most common type of green apple available. In many grocery stores, the Granny Smith is probably the only green apple you will find.

Newtown Pippin Heirloom Newtown Pippin Heirloom apples are a popular American green apple found in New York. When freshly picked, the peel is green. It then changes to yellow while in storage as the apple gets sweeter.

Crispin (Mutsu) Green-Yellow Japanese The color of the peel of a Crispin comes from its parent apple, the Golden Delicious. However, relative to the Golden Delicious, the Crispin/Mutsu is crispier and crunchier.

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