Types of Giant Pumpkins


like the current father of mammoth pumpkin cultivars, the Atlantic Giant pumpkin.

Pumpkins are available in various sizes ranging from small to large,

If you’re looking to grow a giant pumpkin for a contest, to carve, or simply to have an interesting experience, Here are the list of some giant pumpkin varieties

‘Dill’s Atlantic Giant’

The ‘Dill’s Atlantic Giant’ is arguably the world’s largest pumpkin. The vines of this variety can grow as long as 90 feet.

‘Big Max’

Also known as the Big Mac pumpkin, ‘Big Max’ pumpkins can grow to enormous sizes of up to 70 inches and gain weight up to 200 pounds.

‘Big Moon’

 ‘Big Moon’ is also popular for its enormous size, but it is a little larger with a darker rind.