Should You Put Weed Fabric in Raised Beds?

It is a great idea to build raised garden beds. Raised garden beds differ in size, appearance, and general design. There isn’t one “right” material or way to construct them.

Weed fabric and weed liners are not necessary for a raised garden bed but they can help you keep soil in and weeds out. While you don’t need one, in most cases it won’t hurt to add them.

What Are Liners?

In horticulture and landscaping, liners are materials acting as a barrier in the soil. Liners can be made of plastic, fabric, cardboard, wood, etc. The intention of installing liners in gardens differ from gardener to gardener.

What Are the Uses of Liners?

– They trap soil moisture. – Liners trap heat in the soil. – They prevent erosion of the soil. – They prevent the growth of weed. – They prevent leaching of soil and nutrients. – Liners prevent pests from your reaching your plants.

Liners in Raised Garden Beds

Even though raised garden beds are easy to construct and maintain, it is not so easy to install liners when the raised bed has already been constructed. If you want liners in your raised garden bed, it is easier to install them during the construction of your raised garden bed.

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