How to Plant Bulbs in a Raised Bed

Bulbs are an easy way to add color to your garden, specifically in the spring or fall. They are simple to plant and most will last many years in your garden.

Here are some ways How to Plant Bulbs in a Raised Bed.

The Depth Needed

It is important to dig holes deep enough for the bulbs. Bulbs should be planted at least three times their height. If a bulb is 1 inch tall, dig holes at least 3 inches deep, and place the bulb at the bottom.


You can grow bulbs in groups provided the soil has some moisture and is rich in nutrients. Spacing between bulbs should be at least twice their width. Bulbs such as tulips and hyacinth come in a variety of colors, hence planting them in designs will create a very beautiful garden.

Soil Requirements

The soil should be rich in organic nutrients and free-draining. Compacted soils and clay soils have poor drainage capacity and can cause bulbs to rot.

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