How Big Does a Lemon Tree Grow?  7 Types and Their Sizes

Lemon trees form an important part of the citrus family of plants. They are very useful in many respects, from being fashionable ornamentals to producing fruits.

Lemon tree size can depend on the variety of plant, environmental conditions, and care you give them.

Meyer Lemon Tree

A naturally grown Meyer lemon tree can reach between 6-10 feet tall. Its dwarf variety grows to between 5-10 feet tall.

Eureka Pink Variegated Lemon Tree

Eureka pink variegated lemon trees can grow within the range of 10-15 feet, and the width ranges between 11-15 feet.

Eureka Lemon Tree

A standard Eureka lemon tree has a height of 20-30 feet. A dwarf variety can range between 8-10 feet, but conditions can push it up to 15-20 feet.

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