9 Bushes With Purple Flowers

Purple flowering bushes are always popular, especially amongst people looking to add a bit of color to their landscape.  Shrubs can have flowers in different hues of purple, including mauve, lilac, violet, lavender, and plum – all of which contrast nicely with their green foliage when in bloom.

We compile a list of bushes with purple flowers.


This cold-hardy bush can add a bit of color to your landscape when it blooms. Some varieties have spectacular gold or red foliage that are more attractive in cold weather.


Wisteria can grow about 10-25 feet long when it matures. Although this plant is a vigorous climber, you can train it into a thick bush through regular pruning.

Golden Dewdrop

It also produces clusters of golden berries in the fall when the flowers fade. However, these berries are poisonous to humans and animals.

Rhododendron is an acid-loving plant that thrives with medium moisture and full sunlight or partial shade. They perform best in USDA hardiness zones 4-8.


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