"If this is your first time hearing this term, xeriscaping is the practice of planting drought-resistant plants in a designated landscape that doesn’t require frequent watering or irrigation."

"These small to medium-sized shrubs have clusters of bright blue flowers and oval-shaped glossy green leaves. "

California Mountain Lilac

"Rock purslanes can tolerate partial or full sun, and prefer to grow in well-drained soil. Being a drought-tolerant species, they don’t require frequent watering like most flowering plants. "

Rock Purslane

"Depending on the variety, the flowers are dark orange, white, lavender, or pink. These flowers also produce pollen and nectar that attract insect pollinators such as butterflies and bees. "

Apricot Mallow

"These plants bloom in the spring through early summer. However, they are considered toxic and harmful, especially if you’re exposed to their sap. "

Myrtle Spurge

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