16 Best Xeriscape Plants for Colorado

Although most people associate the term xeriscape with a desert or barren landscape, there’s a lot more to this landscape design that thrives with little to no water.


Referred to as hummingbird mint, the herb has pink and orange flowers that attract hummingbirds. There’s also a variety of blue flowers that is a favorite of bees and butterflies.


Artemisia is perfect if you’re looking for a plant that creates background interest in the landscape. These plants are low maintenance and immune to most pests. You’ll only need to water the plant until its roots are established.

Coral Bells

Coral bells, or Heuchera, are perfect for adding texture and color to any garden. These plants are also ideal for xeriscaping as they thrive in hot and dry conditions. You can also grow coral bells with other types of perennial plants.

Torch Lily

Torch lily grows from underground bulbs. It produces clusters of sword-like leaves that form a rosette with a stem in the middle. Torch lilies bloom in early spring and summer, forming different shades of red, yellow, and orange.