Why Do Peaches Turn Brown?

Seeing your peach turn brown when you cut it might have you thinking the peach is bad. But this is not always so; when peaches turn brown inside, they may not be bad.

Peaches turn brown inside when you cut them because of the oxygen in the air. Oxygen activates a group of enzymes – polyphenol oxidases – inside the peach fruit.

While they may not look appealing, you can eat peaches that have turned brown inside. Of course, this depends on the absence of any sign of spoilage like mold growth or a putrid odor.

1. Place the peaches in water when you cut them. 2. Coat the cut peaches with edible acidic juice. 3. Place the peaches in acidic juice and water. 4. Place the peaches in honey water. 5. Mix the cut peaches with cut acidic fruits. 6. Apply a food grade anti-browning agent.

How Do You Stop Peaches from Turning Brown Inside?

You can keep ripe, uncut peaches fresh by storing them in the refrigerator. If you intend to store them in a refrigerator, place them in large bags with big holes. If you are not storing peaches in a refrigerator, you can store them in a large, open bag.