Where Do Lizards Go At Night?

Would you be surprised if you found a lizard behind your cupboard? Don't be! These little guys simply love spending time in darker places! Where exactly do they go at night?

Most lizards are diurnal which means they are active over the day and inactive during the night. In the house, they will go for some darker places—just like during the day.

When outside, you will, for instance, find them sleeping on leaves. They’ll have their head directed toward the open path to see if there are any potential predators coming to chase them.

What Happens To Lizards In Winter? - During brumation, lizards bury themselves in holes or similar dark and hidden places, but still sometimes go out to fulfill the basic needs of their bodies.

Will Lizards Crawl In Your Bed? - Their natural instinct is to immediately run away when they sense movement, but they may not be completely aware of your presence if you're sleeping.