Your Jalapenos Are Bad


How to Tell

Home gardeners often grow jalapenos since they do not require much space. These peppers are fantastic for making salsa, grilling, or pickling.

One issue with growing jalapenos is that they are all ready to pick around the same time. As a result, people usually end up with too many ripe peppers.

Wrinkled jalapenos are the first sign that your peppers are going bad. You can still eat wrinkly jalapenos, but typically only at the beginning of this stage.

They're Wrinkly

Another way to tell if your jalapenos are bad is if they start turning strange colors. Dark spots on your peppers probably mean they're going bad.

Color Changes

Jalapenos should have a crisp and refreshing flavor, like a spicy green pepper. However, a strange flavor can mean the jalapeno is no longer good.

Strange Taste

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