7 Ways to Tell if Your Zucchini Is Bad

Zucchinis are a popular type of squash used in many ways. However, this fruit can go bad quickly, so you want to examine it well before eating.

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Mold comes from decomposing fungi in your zucchini and indicates that the fruit is inedible. Throw any moldy zucchinis away.


If your zucchini is going bad, its skin will start to look shriveled or wrinkled. These changes are not due to decomposition, but rather because the fruit has passed its peak ripeness. Keep in mind that you can eat zucchinis before they have fully matured.


One of the most common ways to tell that a zucchini is bad is to taste it. If your zucchini has a bad or sour taste, this may mean it has gone bad. In addition, a bad zucchini may upset your stomach. If you eat a zucchini that tastes bad and makes you sick, throw it away immediately.


Decomposing microbes, such as fungi and bacteria, can release a foul smell. Fresh zucchinis should smell sweet; a bad small can indicate your fruit is going bad. Dispose of any zucchini that smells bad, as it may not be safe to eat.