5 Ways to Store Jalapeños

Jalapeños are easy-to-grow warm-weather vegetables that add that mild heat to your sauces, salads, stuffing, and more!  If you’ve never stored jalapeños before, you may wonder whether they can be preserved and how long they can last.

Jalapeños, like other vegetables, have a shelf life. Fresh jalapeños can last for four to five days when left at room temperature.  Jalapeños go bad in warm temperatures, which is why fresh jalapeños only last for a few days at room temperature.


Freezing is one way to preserve your jalapeños after a big harvest. This method keeps the peppers spicy and fresh for your subsequent use. But there’s more that goes into freezing jalapeños than just tossing them into a freezer.


Pickling is another way to store jalapeños. It’s a great option if you’re planning to store jalapeños for the winter. Check out the step-by-step guide on how to go about it.


Drying is another way to store fresh jalapeños. It’s one of the methods of getting a longer shelf life.  Oven-drying jalapeños is a quick way to dry them. The oven will dry the jalapeños evenly, albeit slowly.