11 Ways to Keep Squirrels Out of Raised Garden Beds

If you live in a place like most suburban areas, then you’re going to be battling squirrels. Squirrels are smart little devils. They will find their way over, under, or through most garden barriers.

Squirrels hate getting wet. When you combine the threat of water with the unpredictability of when the sprinklers will turn on, it just might be enough to keep the squirrels away.

Put Your Raised Beds Near Your Sprinklers

Sometimes, just keeping a pet in the house is enough. The sound of a dog’s bark and their scent will scare squirrels off.

Let the Dogs Out!

Fences work. It’s all about how high you want to go and how serious you are about keeping squirrels out. Squirrels are expert climbers and can dig pretty well too.

Put Your Raised Beds Behind a Fence

Installing a feeder with nuts, seeds, or fruit squirrels love will spare your tomato plants. If they see something they like eating more that’s within reach, they’ll go for that instead of your raised beds.

Install a Feeder