11 Ways

to Fill a

Raised Garden Bed

When building raised garden beds, there are a few elements that need to be addressed, such as finding the best soil. Here are some ways to fill a raised garden bed.

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Core gardening is an affordable method that allows you to extract the most nutrients from your compost.

1. Core Gardening

This type of gardening will ensure that the organic mulch decomposes into the ground and provides nutrients for the plants.

2. Ruth Stout Gardening

Hugelkultur gardening is very similar to the core gardening concept. The main element that separates hugelkultur gardening from core gardening is the way you build layers in your garden bed.

3. Hugelkultur Gardening

Lasagna gardening comes with its own benefits. For instance, it is cost-effective because you are using materials that can be recycled.

4. Lasagna Gardening