Vegetables To Grow Together in Raised Beds

It is a smart way to ensure maximum yield from your garden by the diversity of plant species. You’ll almost always be able to cultivate a valuable partner with any crop you produce. These plant companions can improve the nutritional value of your soil, deter pests, and enable you to extract maximum productivity from your garden.


– Anonymous

Which Vegetables Match Well?

Tomatoes and basil work well together in the kitchen and they make great companions in the garden, too. This herb aids in the production of higher yields for tomatoes and often repels flies and mosquitoes.

Insects feed on lettuce leaves and if they aren’t kept away, you’ll have plenty of slug-feeders.  Use mint, chives, and garlic in your lettuce planting to drive away aphids.

As cornstalks offer squash vines a place to flourish, these two vegetable friends will grow nicely together in the garden. Berries, peas, radishes, dill, and marigolds all grow well next to squash, which grows much better when planted closely together.

Radishes lure cucumber beetles with their odor and are planted among cucumbers to divert the beetles from cucumbers. Carrots are some of the vegetables that are able to flourish in light to moderately moist soil, and it is due to this that they are effective when they are planted in carrot fields.

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