8 Types Of Yellow Peppers

Peppers come in a huge range of colors, sizes, and flavors. They are probably the most versatile of vegetables and can be used in pretty much any kind of cuisine. People's love of peppers can be for their extra spicy qualities or for their sweet and mild qualities.

'Fatalii' Pepper

Scoville Heat Units: 125,000-400,000 This is an extremely hot pepper that is good for salsas and sauces. It has a citrusy and even fruity taste, but you might miss that because you're looking for a drink to cool down your mouth.

'Aji Amarillo' Pepper

Scoville Heat Units: 30,000-50,000 In Spanish, Aji signifies "chili" and Amarillo signifies "yellow", so Aji Amarillo is a "yellow chili". The name "yellow chili" addresses the look. Yet, as the 'Aji Amarillo' ages, it abandons yellow to blazing orange, similar to the actual sun.

Bell Peppers

Scoville Heat Units: 0 It has a sweet flavor that starts as only slightly sweet with the green color and becomes sweeter as the color changes. It also has a very satisfying crunch that makes it a favorite for use with dips in the place of chips. These peppers are a crowd favorite whether the crowd is made up of adults or kids.

'Lemon Drop' Pepper

Scoville Heat Units: 15,000-30,000 Assuming you love both citrus tang and peppery flavor, the 'Lemon Drop' pepper is a chili that you should become acquainted with. While it's difficult to come by, the 'Lemon Drop,' (otherwise called ají Limon), is becoming more in-demand, both for eating and as a fancy pepper because of its brilliant yellow mature color.

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