Types of Yellow Lilies  and  How to Care for Them

Lilies or its scientific name Lilium, are known for their large, flamboyant and dazzling flowers with a strong and intoxicating but sweet scent.  They come in striking shapes and colors that are contrasting and attractive.

Grand Cru – Asiatic Lily

These lilies are very pretty and decorative. They are easy to grow and make very good border plants and cut flowers. They bloom in early to mid-summer and have bright yellow petals with hints of burgundy at the center and dark-colored anthers.

Salmon Twinkle – Asiatic Lily

A great garden feature, Salmon Twinkle lilies are wide-open and decorative flowers. They have a soft, pastel color with pale creamy yellow petals and light pink to lavender recurved tips. They have high leafy stems that have an intoxicating fragrance.

Canada Lily – American Lily

Also known as the Meadow Lily or Wide Yellow-Lily, they can be found in the Eastern Part of North America and often found in meadows. They bloom in June and July and grow in zones 3 to 9.

How to Plant Lilies

Loosen the soil and dig a hole of about 6 to 12 inches deep. Set the lily bulbs in with the roots facing downwards. Put at least 3 to 5 bulbs in one hole of 6 inch diameter.

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