15 Types of Trees With White Flowers

Flowering trees can transform your yard into an ocean of colors when they begin to blossom. They add beautiful white, purple, red, or pink colors to any yard regardless of the size. You can have several tree blossoms in the fall, summer, and spring when your yard landscape is properly planned. The trees can provide shelter, shade, or even leave you with a nice fruit harvest when they are not in full bloom.

Trees With White Flowers

1. Hawthorns 2. Fringe Tree 3. Pear Trees 4. Japanese Stewartia 5. Flowering Dogwood 6. Yoshino Cherry 7. Crabapple 8. Japanese Crepe Myrtle 9. Callery Pear 10. Carolina Silverbell 11. Giant Dogwood 12. Kousa or Japanese Dogwood 13. Kobus Magnolia 14. Star Magnolia 15. Pagoda Dogwood

These small flowering trees produce pink, red, or white flower blossoms in early summer. Hawthorns are covered by a cluster of white flowers when they blossom between late spring and early summer and then they produce different colors through the summer and fall.


Fringe Tree

This is a small tree that is native to the Eastern part of the United States. Reaching heights of about 12 to 20 feet, it produces creamy-white flowers 4 to 6 inches long with fringe petals in May and June (late spring and early summer). In the middle of summer, bluish-black fruits replace the flowers attracting birds. In the fall, the spear-shaped leaves become yellow.

Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood trees thrive in the shade. Their white blossoms appear in the spring, while the red berries appear in the fall. Flowering Dogwood can grow up to 15-30 feet high and 15-20 feet wide, having an airy, multi-stem shape.

Yoshino Cherry reaches a height of about 25 to 40 feet and grows 20 to 30 feet wide. In late spring, the Yoshino Cherry produces a cluster of white blossoms. This is followed by green leaves, which later turn gold or yellow.

Yoshino Cherry

Crabapples are good landscaping trees. They are small to medium-sized trees that will reward you with a good crop of apples in the fall.


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