Having the right type of flowering tree in your yard can give the scenery a major uplift. Flowering trees are a perfect means of adding fragrance and color when landscaping.  However, what these types of trees offer goes beyond aesthetics.  Some of them may afford you privacy in your outdoor space.

13 Types of Trees With Pink Flowers

1. Magnolia 2. Flowering Cherry Trees 3. Eastern Redbud (American Redbud) 4. Pink Trumpet Tree 5. Persian Silk Tree 6. Dogwood Tree 7. Heaven Scent Magnolia 8. Oleander 9. Weeping Cherry 10. Crape Myrtle 11. Purple-Leaf Sand Cherry 12. Kwanzan Cherries 13. Yoshino Cherries


The Magnolia tree of the Magnoliaceae plant family is known for its white and large pink flowers. When Magnolias blossom in springtime, they produce beautiful white, red, mauve, and pink flowers.

Flowering Cherry Trees

Flowering Cherry trees, or Sakura as they are commonly called in Japan, are known for their elegant white and light pink flowers produced in spring. Most cherry trees are kept for their elegant floral display and not their fruits.

Pink Trumpet Tree

A semi-deciduous tree, the Pink Trumpet has a large cluster of pink blossoms.   All through the year, this tree can stay green when grown in tropical climates. The petals of the Pink Trumpet are delicate and yellow at the center.

Heaven Scent Magnolia

The name Heaven Scent Magnolia comes from the fragrance of its flowers. The flowers of the Heaven Scent Magnolia have a pink base and become lighter toward the tips. At maturity, the trees reach a height of 20 feet and can sometimes grow larger.

Weeping Cherry

The Weeping Cherry is one of the many plants treasured in the spring. Weeping Cherry trees produce pink and white blossoms.  The trees can be planted in groups or individually, as specimen trees.

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