13 Types of Stone for the Garden

Whether your garden is out there for aesthetic, recreational, or functional purposes, you cannot deny the appeal that comes with making it attractive. It becomes like a work of art in your outdoor space.

There are different types of decorative garden stones, and finding the perfect choice for the look you are trying to create is vital.

Flagstones are characterized by their flat shape and thinness. They come from various types of natural rocks, especially sedimentary rocks like sandstone and limestone.


Crushed granite gravel is an ideal option for setting off xeric plants. But beyond that, you can use it in patios and walkways around the garden.

Crushed Granite Gravel

Lava rocks are one of the larger stones for the garden. They are lightweight, porous, and rough, and they come in various colors, including red, grey, and black.

Lava Rock