The term snail is most commonly used for land snails, though it can also be used for other snail species, such as freshwater snails and sea snails. Like every living thing in this world, snails also have their own benefits. They can be eaten by humans and other animals, and their shells are most often used for decorative purposes.

23 types of snails and what they eat

Giant African Land Snail Mediterranean Green Snail Roman Snail White-lipped Snail Brown-lipped snail Garden Snail

Some people consider pond snails as valuable, while for some, they are considered as pests. Pond snails are omnivores, and mostly feed on algae, dead plants, detritus, and excess fish foods.

Pond Snails  (Lymnaea stagnalis)

Golden Apple Snail (Pomacea canaliculata)

Also called the channeled apple snail, this species is a freshwater type and is native to South America. Golden apple snails feed on young emerging rice plants, as well as taro. Meanwhile, younger snails eat algae and detritus.

Geography Cones (Conus geographus)

Commonly found on the reefs of Indo-pacific, this species has a distinctive-patterned brown and white shell that is highly treasured by shell collectors.

Assassin snails are useful animals, eliminating pest snails in your aquarium by eating them. They are good at controlling the snail population in the area where they are kept. A native to southeast Asia, assassin snails are carnivores that feed mostly on other snails.

Assassin Snails  (Clea helena)

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