Types of  Pink Lillies

Lilies are flowers with large and showy petals which bloom from summer to fall, adding extra elegance to the garden. Blooms come in beautiful colors including pink, red, gold, white, and orange. The flowers have six strikingly marked or plain petals, often sitting on long, narrow stems with lance-shaped leaves.

Clusters of Lilies

Asiatic hybrids (Division 1) – Though most may be dwarf, Asiatic lilies are just as beautiful as other lilies.  Martagon-type Hybrids (Division 2) – These lilies are famous for their bright, showy petals that curve back towards the stalk.   Candidum Hybrids (Division 3) – This hybrid is also known as the Madonna lily.  American Species Hybrids (Division 4) – They usually have pendant blooms with whorled foliage that spreads outwards with time.

Clusters of Lilies

Longiflorum hybrids (Division 5) The Easter lily is the most well-known of this hybrid type. Trumpet Hybrids (Division 6) These are the classic funnel-shaped that people imagine whenever they think of lilies.

Types of Pink Lillies

Lilium martagon  (Martagon Lily)

The Martagon lily is extremely adaptable and can go wild expanding its reach for many years. It is pink to soft purple in color, but can at times be albino white.

Lilium ‘Tom Pouce’

The ‘Tom Pouce’ is famous for its large, magnificent flowers which are over 8 inches wide, and bloom in mid to late summer. The soft pink flowers have a yellow stripe at the middle that beautifully contrasts with the dark brown stamens.

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