17 Types of Pink Flowers

Pink blossoms are an incredible addition to flower bundles, table decorations, wedding styles, and other decorative designs.

The color pink symbolizes cheer, friendship, and a fun-loving nature, and is an all-inclusive shade of adoration, making it ideal for weddings and other celebratory occasions.


The Chrysanthemum blooms during the late fall and into the winter. They are commonly associated with the fall and winter holidays because of their availability.


Tulips are a delightful portrayal of genuine romance and nurturing. Their blossoming season from March to mid-May is just in time for Mother’s Day gifts and Easter decorations.


The Hibiscus is a very popular flower that originates in the Pacific rim. Their scent is easy to recognize because it is used as a fragrance in many perfumes and candles.


Hollyhocks are great for growing on a trellis or lattice outside your home. They are a perfect summer flower to grow in your yard and pick to brighten up your table.