10 Types of Palm Trees

Did you know that there are many different types of palm trees? It may be obvious to some, especially if you’ve spent time in different countries around the world

They have lush leaves on top of tall trunks that make them one of the most desirable types of palm trees available. They can grow to over 60 feet tall, and produce dates that you can eat as a treat.

The Canary Palm Tree

Famous in Florida and certain areas of South Carolina, the palmetto palm tree is native to the United States. In fact, the palmetto palm is so common and beloved that it is the official tree of both states.

Palmetto Palm Trees

Known for its tall, narrow trunk, the Mexican palm is one of the most famous palm trees because of its distinct look. This tree has such a narrow trunk and bushy collection of leaves at the top

The Mexican Palm Tree

The Chilean wine palm is also referred to as the Jubaea chilensis. It’s a very good palm tree for dry climates.

Chilean Wine Palm