Types of Oranges

Oranges are one of the most commonly grown fruits in the world. They are healthy, readily available, and have tons of varieties.

This orange variety is the most commonly stocked orange at grocery stores.  Compared to other orange types, the navel orange is bigger and has a thicker skin, which makes peeling easier.

Navel Orange

Blood Orange

Compared to other orange types, the Blood Orange has a unique crimson, or almost blood-colored flesh. It is very juicy and easy to peel with only few seeds.

This citrus fruit variety originated in China, but became popular because of Japan. Being one of the sweetest oranges in the world, Satsuma can be eaten fresh, or can be used in fruit salads.

Satsuma Orange

Having a very sweet taste with low acidity, the Valencia orange is excellent for making juices, though it also makes a great snack.

Valencia Oranges

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