7 Types of Orange Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a family of squash. Most pumpkins are native to South America and Mexico. They are mostly seen in the fall season. Whenever the name of this fruit pops up, we get a mental image of an orange fruit.

Here are several types of orange pumpkins:

Pam Pumpkins

Pam pumpkin is a bright orange fruit with a brown-colored stem. Its cream-colored, moist flesh has such a velvety texture that produces delicious pies. This orange fruit is considered the best breed in the market because of its perfectly appropriate size and grain-less texture.

Styrian Pumpkins

Styrian pumpkins have a plain and unwrinkled beautiful orange skin, with green ridges from stem to bottom. Its pale-yellow flesh surrounds the space full of seeds entangled by orange pulp. Its seeds are special because its flesh does not taste as good.

Wee Bee Plain Pumpkins

Wee Bee Plain is a beautiful fruit with dark orange color. They are like a baby of other pumpkins; they are round, orange, and have flat bottoms just like other pumpkins. Along with pies, they also show you a wonderful time when you cook them with other vegetables.

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