11 Types of

That Are Great for Pickling

The best cucumbers for pickling typically have thin skins, tiny seeds, and super crisp textures. Besides these features, the smaller a cucumber is, the easier the preparation and pickling process.

Knowing that smaller size makes cucumbers better for pickling, you may have your eyes set on getting mini cucumbers.

'Sweet Gherkin' cucumber is another perfect pickling cucumber you can consider for planting. You can even plant it in a container.

Sweet Gherkin

Persian Cucumbers are generally dark green. They are smooth and have few seeds. So, they do not have the typical bitterness associated with cucumbers that have bumps.

Persian Cucumbers

'Apple' cucumbers have crisp, cream, white flesh, and firm skin. They are also pretty juicy, and all of these attributes make them perfect for pickling.

Apple Cucumber