25 Types of Lettuce For Your Garden

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Did you know that there are several types of lettuce for your garden that you can choose from?

Here are 25 types of lettuce for your garden and why they may be the right choice for your backyard.

Romaine Varieties

Romaine lettuce grows upright and has a crisp texture that makes it ideal for salads and sandwiches.

Butterhead Varieties

Butterhead lettuce tends to have a sweet, buttery flavor and a smooth texture.  All types of butterhead lettuce can be grown in a garden or in tubs.

Iceberg Varieties

Iceberg lettuce varieties are dense and tend to have crispy leaves, however, the taste is often lacking when compared to other varieties. In America, it is considered the most common type of lettuce.

There are so many different types of lettuce for your garden, however, now you know some of the best options that you have to choose from.