8 Types of Lawn Sprinklers

Whether big or small, watering is important for every lawn. This can be a lot of work for you, but luckily, installing sprinklers is a good option to automate this task. 

Sprinklers are available in different shapes and sizes and can be used in various ways, making them the most ideal for both short-term, and long-term uses.

Sprinklers are devices for watering lawns, gardens, landscapes, and other green spaces.

What are Sprinklers?

Oscillating lawn sprinklers consist of a long tube and a sprinkler head with multiple jet holes, even up to 20 holes.

Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

Also known as tractor sprinklers, traveling sprinklers are specialized to harness the water pressure, and use it to move around the lawn, watering as it goes.

Travelling Sprinklers