Types of Heirloom Pumpkins


When it comes to elegance and uniqueness, heirloom pumpkins trump traditional orange pumpkins. Heirloom pumpkins are also typically of a larger size than Winter Squash.

Here we compiled a list of some types of heirloom pumpkins.

Blue Doll Pumpkin

Blue Doll pumpkins are a hybrid variety. They have prominent blocky ribbings, and as the name says, they are colored blue or blue-grey while their flesh is orange.

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Cinderella Pumpkin (Rouge Vif D’Etampes)

Cinderella pumpkins are colored red-orange. It has a flattened shape and is moderately ribbed. While Cinderella pumpkins are perfect for ornamental purposes, they may also be used in cooking.

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Connecticut Field Pumpkin

Connecticut Field pumpkins typically weigh no less than 20 pounds, and this makes them large-sized pumpkins. You may use Connecticut Field pumpkins in making pies, and also in carving jack-o-lanterns.

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