5 Types of Green Pumpkins

Pumpkins exist in a wide range of colors. Green pumpkins, specifically, come in multiple shades of green from dark green to light green, while some can be multicolored, like the ‘Speckled Hound’.

Here are some types of Green Pumpkin!

‘Marina Di Chioggia’ Pumpkin

They are round and are known for their warty, wrinkly, and almost bubbly rind. They weigh an average of 10-12 pounds. The sugar warts cause the bubbly rind to result from the build-up of extra sugar in the pumpkin’s coat and flesh.

‘Kabocha’ Pumpkin

Also known as the Japanese Black Pumpkin, this small, dark green ‘Kabocha’ pumpkin is native to Japan. Depending on their sizes, the Kabocha pumpkins range in weight from 3 – 5 pounds. It is distinguished by its coarse, deep green rind that covers a soft and tender reddish-yellow flesh on the inside.

 ‘Speckled Hound’ Pumpkin

This is a small, medium-sized hybrid pumpkin. When ripe, the rind turns orange but is covered with splotches and streaks of dark green. When ripe, ‘Speckled Hound’ pumpkins weigh about 3 – 6 pounds and vary in their orange/green coloration from one pumpkin to another.

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