19 Types of Evergreen Flowering Shrubs

Evergreen flowering shrubs are an excellent addition to any landscape design. Their vibrant flower stems and leaves enhance your garden’s visual appeal throughout the seasons.


Gardenia is an evergreen flowering tropical shrub often grown indoors for its scent. It has dark green leaves and fragrant, white flowers. You can also plant this shrub outdoors in fall or spring.


Characterized by shiny green leaves and clusters of yellow or red berries, these shrubs perform well in full sun to part shade. You also need well-drained soil with medium moisture.

Mountain Laurel

Mountain laurel is a beautiful evergreen shrub often grown as a foundation or border plant. The shrub forms clusters of white and pink flowers with maroon spots.


The heather plant is an evergreen shrub that’s low-growing. There are different varieties, with each flowering at various times.