11 Types of Edible Eggs

Eggs have been one of the most readily available foods since time immemorial. They have been loved for their rich flavor and high protein content.

Egg lovers have different methods of presenting their egg dishes. How do you like yours? Do you like them fried, boiled, poached, scrambled, or as an omelet?

Eggs are the reproductive vessels produced by birds, fish, reptiles, and insects for their procreation. Most bird eggs are considered food, but you should know that not all eggs are edible.

What are Eggs?

The egg's coloration depends on the genes of the bird laying the egg. Plymouth Rock hens, for example, lay brown eggs, while others like Americana hens lay blue eggs.

Why Do Eggs Have Different Colors?

No, not all eggs are edible. Although most eggs produced by birds, fishes, and reptiles are generally safe for consumption, some should be avoided.

Are All  Eggs Edible?