Types of Blue Flowers

The color blue is definitely not the most common among flowering plants. In fact, among all the flowering plants on our planet, only about 10% can be termed blue.

Bellflowers typically come with long stems. So, it is no surprise that they are used as cut flowers and staples in interior vase arrangements.


Birdbill dayflowers bloom into deep blue flowers with 3 petals. The flowers come out of green bracts that look like a duck’s bill or a cocoon.

Birdbill Dayflower

As expected, blue daisies have the typical daisy flower shape—flat, disc-shaped blooms with blue petals in rays around a central yellow button.

Blue Daisy

Blue hibiscus blooms in all seasons, except winter. So, you can have it in your garden almost all through the year.

Blue Hibiscus

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