7 Trees for Red Leaves Throughout the Seasons

A tree with stunning red leaves is the perfect addition to any yard or garden. If you’re looking for a beautiful tree with red leaves for your property, there are plenty of fantastic choices.

The ‘Red Silver’ Flowering Crabapple

For people looking for something larger, the ‘Red Silver’ flowering crabapple tree is a great option. These trees grow beautiful flowers in the spring and fruit during summer.

The ‘Crimson King’ Norway Maple

The ‘Crimson King’ maple is your best bet when you need a tree with red leaves that does just fine in different temperatures. In the spring, ‘Crimson King’ maples produce yellow flowers to add more color to their already unique foliage.

Black Cherry Trees

A black cherry tree grows very tall, sometimes reaching as high as 90 feet. During most of the year, their leaves are dark green with ridged edges. However, when the weather turns, the tree leaves shift from green to yellow and then deep crimson red.

Japanese Rowans

Japanese rowans round out our list today, and they’re one of the most popular choices for trees with red leaves on them. Their leaves have unique shapes, which makes watching them change from green to a lush red so mesmerizing.