11 Beautiful Trees with Red Leaves All Year Around

There is no argument that trees with red leaves are almost always breathtakingly beautiful in any yard. Several different beautiful trees have red leaves all year round, but not every tree will be perfect for every yard.

Japanese Red Maple

The Japanese red maple tree is a small-sized tree that features gorgeous red leaves for three seasons. Due to their medium size, Japanese red maple trees are great additions to most yards, especially if you want to add a little color to your landscaping.

‘Crimson Queen’ Laceleaf Maple

‘Crimson Queen’ laceleaf maple trees are stunning small-sized trees that grow to only about 10 feet tall if that much. These trees prefer partial shade but still thrive in mostly sunny areas if you make sure they are watered regularly.

Common Smoketree

The common smoketree is another small-sized tree that features reddish-tinted leaves all year round. This is an excellent red-leaved tree to feature in any landscaping because it is smaller and easy to maintain.

‘Red Silver’ Flowering Crabapple Tree

The ‘Red Silver’ flowering crabapple tree is truly a sight to behold. These trees appear to have red coloring throughout most of the year, and they enjoy full sunlight and moist soil.