Trees with  Heart-Shaped Leaves

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From afar, the aesthetic value of trees can be perceived through their height, the way their branches grow, their flowers, and, mostly, the color of their leaves.

There are also trees with beautiful heart-shaped leaves that might appeal to your heart and could make a great addition to your garden and front lawn.

Silver Linden trees are also known as silver lime trees and European white lime trees. They grow in abundance in Europe, southwestern Asia, and western Turkey.

Silver Linden (Tilia Tomentosa)

These medium to large-sized deciduous trees are native to the midwestern United States. They are also known as the Catawba, Western Catalpa, Cigar Tree, and Hardy Catalpa.

Northern Catalpa (Catalpa Speciosa)

Back in the booming era of the silk industry, they were introduced into the United States to be grown as a source of food for silkworms. This is where they got the name “Silkworm Mulberry.”

White Mulberry  (Morus Alba)